A sign of things to come

Before view of the Summit View Farm Sign

Part of buying this farm was honoring its history. Not the people who have owned it before (though I am sure they were lovely), but the actual property.

“I can’t explain it. When you own a farm, you feel connected to the land.”

That’s what Dan would always say to me from the various cities and suburbs we have lived in. During the 15 years of our relationship, he kept saying someday I would understand. Now I do.

He’s right. It isn’t easy to articulate. When I first stepped foot on Summit View Farm, though, I felt it. The energy is palpable. I could feel all the property had to offer us. Beautiful views, a warm place to sleep, rich soil to plant in to feed ourselves and possibly animals. It sounds silly, but the property felt like it was dormant, just waiting for someone to revive it.

A part of that history is the name. Though we know from the history, the farm was once a dairy farm, the given name for the past several decades was “Summit View Farm”. Since it wasn’t specific to the previous owners, and sounded fitting to us, we decided to keep the name.

The sign definitely needed freshening up. The paint was chipping away, the emblem of a horse referencing a horse farm was no longer applicable. So with the help of our fathers, it got a little makeover.

The girls helped.

Amelia painted a very thick coat on the "F". It will be black long after the others start to fade.
Amelia painted a very thick coat on the “F”. It will be black long after the others start to fade.
Laina painting the "V"
Laina painting the “V”

Summit View Farm Sign Restoration

The new sign.
The new sign.

We replaced the horse with the image of a cow/calf. It more closely represents what we intend to use the land for in the future.

By the way, a while ago I had posted a photo on instagram saying if anyone took my climbing ivy down off the milk barn I would throat punch them. I’m happy to report it is still there. It’s the little things.

Summit View Farm Historic Barn Sign Restoration

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  1. Love the refreshed sign. Looks great!


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